MaxTrax Mini Set


MaxTrax Mini Set

A pair of lightweight, easy-to-use vehicle recovery and extraction devices that ensure an easy way out. Large cleats on MaxTrax Mini grip into the tyre/tire tread and the terrain under your vehicle to prevent it from slipping back into sand, mud, or snow. Made of UV-stabilized, flexible, and tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon. Nesting design ensures MaxTax Mini can be stacked and stored compactly to increase load capacity. Store MaxTrax Mini with your camping, over-landing, or four-wheel drive gear on your rack in two different configurations. Recovery Device AND Gear Holding Side Brackets – by Front Runner for side profile mounting options or above and below with the Front Runner rack with Recovery Device Flat Mounting Kit – by Front Runner (sold separately). Two (2) integrated carrying handles make MaxTrax Mini easy to carry and the double-edged design ensures quick and easy maneuvering under your tires. Features a shovel at either end for removing excess earth and keyhole points to secure your MaxTrax. MaxTrax Mini are linkable, creating longer tracks using the supplied leashes.

Poids 4.1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 69 × 9.5 cm