JK Front 4+” Tera30 Replacement Axle Housing – Right Hand Drive

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JK Front 4+” Tera30 Replacement Axle Housing – Right Hand Drive – Teraflex Europe – Provenance USA

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The TeraFlex Tera30 heavy duty replacement axle housing is the perfect solution for bent, broken or damaged front Dana 30 axles in JK Wrangler vehicles. The Tera30 is an upgrade for Jeep JK owners looking to beef up one of the weak areas of their Jeep. The differential center section is engineered for extreme use and is constructed with increased rib gussets in a ductile cast iron housing. The smooth radius bottom is designed to glide over rocks & obstacles, and incorporates a bottom oil drain hole for simple fluid changes. By integrating the upper control arm mount in the factory location on the housing unnecessary bracketry is eliminated. By increasing the axle tube diameter to the largest in the industry, the 3.25” OD x 0.25” wall DOM tubing make axle bending and breaking a thing of the past and is no longer a concern. Redesigned forged inner knuckles increase section strength to eliminate ball joint separation. The replacement axle housing assembly includes the Tera30 center section, 3.25” OD tubes, 1/4” Thick CNC laser cut axle brackets with integrated lower bracket skid plates, reinforced front trackbar mount (ties into spring pad) for greater strength, and forged inner knuckles. Pre-installed inner seals and upper control arm bushings make the upgrade seamless. A Premium UV protected triple-stage powder coat process provides superior corrosion resistance. Simply transfer your existing internal components, outer knuckle assembly, and brakes to the new housing! The Tera30 retains all JK ESP, ABS & Speedometer sensor capability. The Tera30 is 100% engineered, designed, and hand assembled in the USA with 100% new components. The Tera30 comes with a 1 year unlimited mileage, No Excuses warranty. Fits right hand drive JK Wranglers with 4+” of lift, and a Dana 30 axle.

Ref: TERA 3503003

Vehicle Type: JK

Version: 4 Door, 2 Door

Position: Front Axle

Side hand: /

Lift height (in inches): /

For information: 1  inch = 2,54 cm

Weight (lbs): 196

Length: 60.5″, width: 20″, height: 23

Poids 88.904 kg
Dimensions 153.67 × 50.8 × 58.42 cm


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