JK Front 8-Lug Locking Hub Conversion Kit w/ Big Brakes Slotted Rotors

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JK Front 8-Lug Locking Hub Conversion Kit w/ Big Brakes Slotted Rotors – Teraflex Europe – Provenance USA

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The TeraFlex JK Front Locking Hub Conversion Kit is designed to upgrade JK Dana 30 and 44 axles. It delivers several major benefits over a factory unit bearing design. We are able to dramatically reduce bearing load by increasing the distance between the inner and outer wheel bearings within the hub. These bearings ride on a forged 4140 chromoly spindle that accepts readily available low cost industry standard bearings and seals. By incorporating an 8 on 6.5” wheel bolt pattern we are able to use one-ton Dana 60 application components throughout.

The unique TeraFlex hub design allows for OE wheel speed sensors to be completely sealed from mud, rock and other damaging contaminants, ensuring clear constant data transmission to maintain all ABS and ESP functions.

The SlimLock Hub kit features forged 4340 chromoly 35 spline stub shafts. The hub design incorporates high surface area engagement with extreme durability.

This kit is perfect for flat towing by allowing the hubs to be set in the unlocked position during transport.

This Locking Hub Conversion includes the TeraFlex dual piston Big Brake Kit with slotted rotors.

Note: 2007-2012 Dana 30 axles will require new inner shafts with the larger u-joint end forgings (#303118 for driver side and 303134 for passenger side). All 2013+ Dana 30 & Dana 44 JK axles use the same U-joint.

The locking hub kit may not work with all wheels. Please verify fitment before installation.

Ref: TERA 3034413

Vehicle Type: JK

Version: 4 Door, 2 Door

Position: Front Axle

Side hand: Driver, Passenger

Lift height (in inches): /

For information: 1  inch = 2,54 cm

Weight (lbs): 162

Length: 31″, width: 15″, height: 16

Poids 75.296 kg
Dimensions 78.74 × 38.1 × 40.64 cm


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