Kit de réhausse +10cm Enduro LCG – 4 tirants longs – amortisseurs 9550 – TJ Unlimited – Teraflex Europe – Provenance USA

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TeraFlex LCG (Low Center-of-Gravity) Long Arm Suspension Systems are engineered for hardcore Jeepers who don’t want to give up on-road comfort and control in their TJ Wrangler/Unlimited. These complete systems include all necessary components including LCG Long Arm Brackets.

TeraFlex Enduro LCG Long Arm Suspension Systems are designed for the off-road enthusiast who wants to increase both trail and on-road performance with moderate modifications to the vehicle frame. The Enduro LCG uses the same lower adjustable LCG Long Control Arms and Brackets as the Pro LCG, while our adjustable Rear Upper Short Control Arms bolt to the factory upper control arm mounting points.

The Enduro LCG provides more suspension and steering adjustability than a standard short arm kit. Transform the handling of your Jeep both on and off-road! Our long and short adjustable Control Arms balance front caster angle and pinion angles as well as optimize rear pinion angles, anti-squat geometry, and tire position.

On 3-5 inch lifts, LCG Long Arm Brackets and/or 4-Link Rear Axle Truss reposition the frame-end control arm mounting points to relax suspension link angles. This reduces bushing stress during extreme droop as well as shock load transferred through the LCG Long Control Arms.

The HD Adjustable Front Track Bar, Drop Pitman Arm (4 inch and up), and Rear Track Bar Bracket improve steering response, center the axles to optimize vehicle roll center, and reduce body roll to for unsurpassed handling. This results in improved suspension geometry and relaxed control arm angles for a superior ride quality and performance regardless of terrain.

These systems restore front and rear roll axis angles to minimize brake dive and acceleration squat. TeraFlex suspension systems provide reduced noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). TeraFlex Enduro LCG Long Arm Suspension Systems can be installed on Friday, wheeled on Saturday, and driven to church on Sunday!

  • LCG Long Control Arm Suspension Systems:
    • Maximum ground clearance w/ a Low Center-of-Gravity (LCG)
    • Dependable performance w/ zero worries
    • Positive, responsive handling w/ reduced NVH
    • Easy-to-install Lower LCG Long Arm Brackets don’t hinder transfer case access
    • Full range of movement for off-road flex and articulation
    • Fits all OEM axles including Dana 30, 35, 44, and Rubicon 44
    • TeraFlex Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects


  • LJ Wrangler Unlimited (long wheelbase)


  • 4 inch Lift Coil Springs (Front: and 1843402 and Rear: part number 1844402)
  • Short Control Arm Kit – Rear Upper (0-4 inch Lift) (part number 1614800)
  • LCG Long Control Arm and Bracket Kit – Lower (3-5 inch Lift) (part number 1447780)
  • HD Adjustable Front Track Bar (3-4 inch Lift) (part number 1743022)
  • Rear Track Bar Axle Bracket Kit (3-6 inch Lift) (part number 1944000)
  • Drop Pitman Arm (3.5-6 inch Lift) (part number 1922133)
  • 2.25 inch Front Lower Bump Stop Extension Kit (3-4 inch Lift) (part number 1910234)
  • 2.25 inch Rear Upper Bump Stop Extension Kit (4 inch Lift) (part number 1910204)
  • 10 inch Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Kit (3-6 inch Lift) (part number 1743090)
  • 10.5 inch Rear Sway Bar Link Kit (2.5-5 inch Lift) (part number 1944011)
  • BellyUp Skid Plate Kit (part number 4648403)
  • HD Steering Box Skid Plate Kit (part number 4627400)
  • 2003-2006 TJ: 1 inch Transfer Case Lowering Spacer Kit (part number 1900103)
  • 26 inch Front and 26 inch Rear Stainless-Steel Braided Brake Line Kit (part number 4350400)
  • Rear Lower Shock Extension Kit (part number 1544790)
  • All necessary hardware And more
  • 9550 VSS Twin-Tube Shock Kit (3-4 inch Lift) (part number 1545370)
Poids 147.42 kg
Dimensions 121.92 × 101.6 × 50.8 cm


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