Kit de barre stabilisatrice +0-7,5cm avant Tout-chemin – TJ – Teraflex Europe – Provenance USA

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The TeraFlex Trail-Rate ST (Street and Trail) Front Sway Bar System is the off-road version of our Dual-Rate ST Sway Bar System (part number 1753720). The Trail sway bar provides trail-tuned torsion resistance for off-road driving to control body sway and lean during side hill and off-camber situations with full off-road articulation.

The forged sway bar arms feature several link mounting points to fine tune the torsion rate. The Trail-Rate ST Front Sway Bar Kit is a constant use sway bar and does not have any disconnect or release features.


  • HD Street-Tuned External Sway Bar Provides more resistance than factory sway bar for superior highway handling and control
  • 35-spline/heat-treated 4130 chromoly
  • Trail-Tuned Internal Sway Bar
  • Provides the perfect amount of resistance and stability during side hill and off-camber to maintain vehicle control
  • 22-spline/heat-treated 4340 chromoly steel
  • Internal Bushing Eliminates Wear
  • Internal bushing allows both sway bars to rotate independently in trail setting
  • Eliminates play to maintain tight working tolerances
  • Forged High-Clearance Arm
  • Allows maximum wheel travel during articulation, eliminates tire/sway bar interference, and increases overall strength – especially side loading
  • Easy Engagement Knob
  • Ergonomically designed knob
  • Go quickly from street to trail and back
  • Twist clockwise for trail use and counterclockwise for street use 


  • TJ Wrangler (short wheelbase)
  • LJ Wrangler Unlimited (long wheelbase)


  • Trail Front Sway Bar
  • Sway Bar Frame Brackets – pair
  • Forged Sway Bar Arms – pair
  • Sway Bar Quick Disconnects – pair
  • Sway Bar Bushings
  • All necessary hardware And more


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